Who we are
Murphy Construction began in 1976 after B. H. Murphy learned the construction trade and earned a General Contractor license. Today, Murphy Construction is a second generation company providing quality construction to satisfied customers throughout Southern California and the High Desert community.

Murphy Construction Company provides commercial construction and custom residential construction services. They also are qualified to manage industrial projects. Their clients include Wells Fargo, Mobil, Union Bank, and Denny’s. For nearly 40 years, they have provided top notch service to all of their clients.

We are proud to work with
Buddy’s Market
World Savings
Dunes Market
Union Bank
Ferrel Autogas
Wells Fargo
Escrow Junction
Our experience

After nearly four decades of offering quality construction to Oak Hills and the High Desert, Murphy Construction has everything that your building project needs.

We have the experience at every level of the construction operation. We have leadership, both within the company and on the job site.
We have the funding to complete every project that we tackle.
We have the tools and the equipment needed to keep each project on time, and on budget.
We have the Knowledge to understand and exceed building code for local, county, state, and federal inspection.

  1. Multi-family Construction

  2. Industrial

  3. Industrial Renovation

  4. Commercial Construction

  5. Custom Residential

  6. Driveways

  7. Residential Renovation


Industrial High Desert ConstructionIndustrial projects can turn into a disaster if you do not have the experience to build them correctly. There is a lot more expectation from many different sources when you work on an industrial construction project. Murphy Construction has the experience to build your industrial project so that it meets all of those expectation and still offers a functional and pleasing space.

Factory improvement projects involve renovating existing buildings and bringing the new construction up to code. This may involve working with newer technologies that replace an existing system with a green system…

murphyconstruction-residential1Custom residential building projects are exciting. In this modern age, there are so many new building products, philosophies that working with residential projects becomes a joy, even renovation. So why does Murphy Construction get excited about residential projects? Mostly because they offer variety and that variety meshes perfectly with our long history of building in the High Desert, our experience of working with residential projects, and our deep knowledge of mainstream and modern building techniques and technologies. Here is a look at what you can expect from Murphy Construction….


Commercial construction is the basis of building a business and for building community. Murphy Construction provides customized building solutions that enable business owners to grow their businesses. With customized space or renovations to existing space, we can help you develop an efficient place in which to conduct business.

Murphy Construction began building commercial and residential properties back in 1978. Our clients include Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Denny’s, and Mobil. Big name clients require big name results, and that is the focus that Murphy Construction has given to the High Desert community…