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Our Services & Skills

If you are part of the manufacturing industries of the High Desert and have a project that involves industrial construction, then call Murphy Construction. We started in the construction business way back in 1978.

  • Growing since 1976
  • Our clients include Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Denny’s, and Mobil.
  • We work throughout Southern California
  •  Every level of the construction operation

Murphy Construction is a general contractor firm which has specialized in commercial building and custom residential projects throughout the High Desert and beyond! Here at Murphy Construction, we make it our priority to perform quality work in a safe and timely manner.

We have the experience at every level of the construction operation. We have leadership, both within the company and on the job site. We have the funding to complete every project that we tackle. We have the tools and the equipment needed to keep each project on time, and on budget.

Murphy Construction Company provides construction services for both residential and commercial properties and are also are qualified to manage industrial projects.


Our Company

About Our Company

Murphy Construction began in 1976 after B. H. Murphy learned the construction trade and earned a General Contractor license. Today, Murphy Construction is a second generation company providing quality construction to satisfied customers throughout Southern California and the High Desert community.

Murphy Construction Company provides commercial construction and custom residential construction services. They also are qualified to manage industrial projects. Their clients include Wells Fargo, Mobil, Union Bank, and Denny’s. For nearly 40 years, they have provided top notch service to all of their clients.

Our Specialization

Commercial Build

Commercial construction is the basis of building a business and for building community. Murphy Construction provides customized building solutions that enable business owners to grow their businesses. With customized space or renovations to existing space, we can help you develop an efficient place in which to conduct business.

Custom Residential

Residential projects are all opportunities to improve an existing building or to create a brand new building. These both are some of our favorite projects. Nothing draws a family together than a home that mirrors the things they love in life. From raising kids to making a difference to the environment, a home is a place where families grow closer and Murphy Construction loves that.

Industrial Construction

Industrial projects can turn into a disaster if you do not have the experience to build them correctly. There is a lot more expectation from many different sources when you work on an industrial construction project. Murphy Construction has the experience to build your industrial project so that it meets all of those expectation and still offers a functional and pleasing space.

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