Seven Tips for Saving on Your Remodeling Job | Murphy Construction

A great remodeling job need not cost a fortune. By setting priorities and budgeting effectively, you can achieve your dream home and still end up within your budget. Here are seven tips to help you in the process:

  1. Add room, not size.Building a new addition to your home can cost a fortune, yet most of the time it’s not necessary. Today it’s all about making the most of the existing space within your home.
    A great way to do this is to install space-efficient enhancements like cabinet-height pullout drawers, lateral shelving, and organizing bins. Taking this step alone can save you tens of thousands of dollars.
  2. Add natural light the smart way. Installing new windows can involve significant changes to your existing framework. Light tubes bring in the sun’s rays just as well and cost far less.
  3. Do what you can for yourself. For example, demolishing an existing deck is a job well within the capabilities of the average person. By taking on smaller aspects of the project, you can make use of sweat equity to rack up big savings.
  4. Choose a mounted lighting fixture over recessed lights when possible. Installing recessed lighting requires cutting into walls or ceilings, adding insulation, and sometimes even rearranging the frame members. Mounting lighting fixtures, on the other hand, requires far less labor and can save on material costs as well.
  5. Don’t repair beat up walls, cover them up. If your existing paneling or sheet rock needs days of patching and sending work to get it paint-ready, then you may be better off simply installing new materials such as Texturglas™, which fits directly over the existing walls and is designed for easy paintability.
  6. Go with substance, not style. For example, mahogany hardwood can set you back a small fortune. You can find fantastic deals on high-quality laminate or even materials like oak that offer striking beauty and big savings.
  7. Choose the right contractor. If you live in the Apple Valley, Victorville, or San Bernardino areas, then this part of the process is easy. Murphy Construction stands head and shoulders above the competition regarding quality, affordability, and customer service viagra where to buy. You won’t find a better construction firm to handle your remodeling job anywhere in the Golden State.
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