Project Leaders turn to us to complete their company's vision

Murphy Construction began in 1976 after B. H. Murphy learned the construction trade and earned a General Contractor license.

Key Part of the Community

After nearly four decades of offering quality construction to Oak Hills and the High Desert, Murphy Construction has everything that your building project needs.

We have the experience at every level of the construction operation. We have leadership, both within the company and on the job site.
We have the funding to complete every project that we tackle.
We have the tools and the equipment needed to keep each project on time, and on budget.
We have the Knowledge to understand and exceed building code for local, county, state, and federal inspection.

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Our Commitment to Quality

The team at Murphy Construction knows what it takes to grow a business. Our company has been growing since 1976. We understand how much work you put into your business. We understand what your business means to you. That is why we work with you to deliver the best building materials, and we pair those with a construction crew that is talented, experienced, and efficient. The last thing we ever want is a disappointed client; therefor, we work with you throughout the entire process.

The High Desert is a small community, we have survived booms in the construction industry, and we have survived the downturns in the construction industry. We are still here and doing business because our clients love what we have built for them. If your business is growing, then consider the positive benefits of a larger and modernized space.