Industrial projects can turn into a disaster if you do not have the experience to build them correctly. There is a lot more expectation from many different sources when you work on an industrial construction project. Murphy Construction has the experience to build your industrial project so that it meets all of those expectation and still offers a functional and pleasing space.


Factory improvement projects involve renovating existing buildings and bringing the new construction up to code. This may involve working with newer technologies that replace an existing system with a green system. It may also mean expanding an existing building to house a growing business. In some cases, it involves mining, such as installing a wine cave. Murphy Construction has decades of experience working on all types of industrial projects.

When you work on industrial projects, you have to adhere to very specific building codes. Some of those are fairly straightforward while other codes are very specific. Failure to do the job right can lead to an entire rebuild if the building does not pass inspection. Murphy Construction works with building codes from all levels of government and it perfectly at home building industrial sites that exceed building code requirements.

We have a long history of working with cement and cement structural strength. Our projects are designed to avoid cracking and other pitfalls that an inexperienced company may not know how to prevent.

We work with underground utilities and build conduits, control stations, and other features that allow for the safe installation of underground utilities.

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