Using a General Contractor for Your New Room Addition | Victorville Construction

Because a room addition is a considerable investment, hiring the right construction contractor in Victorville is critical. Before beginning your project, consider the following tips.

What is the Room’s Use?

Once you’ve made the decision to add on a room, the next step is to determine its use. This step is critical in the decision-making process because your general contractor is going to need to know some of the following:

  •    How much square footage you’ll need.
  •    If any closets or other storage areas will need to be built.
  •    The type of flooring you’ll need if you haven’t provided a preference.
  •    How many windows will be appropriate for the space.
  •    How much lighting and electrical outlets you’ll need.

Know How to Work with Your Contractor

While you’ll be the “boss” regarding how you want the room to look and have the final decision on the materials, your construction contractor will serve a significant role in this project. Here are some of what you can expect when determining how to work with your contractor:

  •    Together, the two of you will create a punch list necessary for the job.
  •    If other contractors, like electricians or plumbers, for example, are needed for the job they will provide you with referrals.
  •    They will obtain the necessary permits from your local municipality required to complete the room addition.

Final Thoughts

Because every room addition is unique, it’s a good idea to work with a Victorville construction contractor with a track record of proven experience. These types of residential home remodels require preplanning, an understanding of the preexisting structure, and setback requirements. The general contracting team at Murphy Construction will not only diligently work toward ensuring the room addition meets all of your requirements; they will do so in a way that proves their years of dedication to quality and service.