Understanding Construction Contractor Estimates | Oak Hills Murphy Construction

As a residential or commercial property owner in the Victorville area, you’re likely in need of a construction contractor to help with your building needs. Before achieving this goal, it’s necessary for the contractor to assess the needs of the project and provide you with an estimate. Those who are not well-versed in this area many not know what is involved in cost estimating and, for all they know, could believe it’s about a lot of guesswork. It’s quite the contrary, though, and the need for reviewing specifications, plans, materials, subcontracting and more is often involved.

Reviewing the Plans

The first step in the creation of your estimate is reviewing the blueprints and building plans for your project. All the information the contractor needs to understand regarding what it will take, as well as what supplies are needed, is contained in the blueprints. Through the examination of the blueprints, they can determine what tools they’ll need, any special installations necessary, as well as any other considerations required for the job’s costs.

The Creation of a Punch List

The punch list is all the tasks necessary to complete the job. These jobs could include things like carpentry, drywall, plumbing, drywall, painting, cabinetry, roofing, and so on. The punch list also determines if there is the need for subcontractors, as well as their associated costs. If you have specifications you would like included in the job; this is the list that those items must be included on.

Price Setting

Because every task takes time, that means you can expect them to have prices associate with them. Therefore, the construction contractor is going to set cost estimations for their time and add this to their estimate sheet. A reputable contractor like Murphy Construction, for example, will be upfront about all costs in their estimates and there will be no hidden costs like equipment rentals or the costs for permits.

The Bottom Line
It’s okay to ask questions about every line on an estimate if you are unsure about what is itemized, as well as why certain subcontractors are listed. Remember that this is your project and that the construction contractor is working for you. It’s Murphy Construction’s goal to provide quality service every time and answer all questions in a professional manner.