A Variety of Expertise at Your Service When You Hire Murphy Construction | Victorville Project Management

Murphy Construction serves the High Desert region of Southern California, completing projects for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients. The reason Murphy Construction is consistently chosen for project completion isn’t just because of the company’s high degree of professional best business practices or because of client satisfaction.

Providing Client Satisfaction is Our Priority

Murphy Construction also provides clients convenience which means clients have more time to focus on other matters relevant to their interests while leaving the hassles of construction to the expert contractors.

Many people think of the stereotypical presentation of a construction contractor which tends to be a robust worker wearing a hard hat and highly visible orange or yellow vests. Toss in some personal protective equipment like glasses and gloves and maybe a pencil over the ear and that’s pretty much the average layperson’s interpretation of construction. Most of the populace sees road construction crews on a daily basis while commuting.

However, Murphy Construction contractors encompass so much more than that simple image. Many clients are not aware that when they hire a contractor as completely thorough as Murphy Construction, their project receives the absolute best considerations by the applicable field experts in the contact list of professionals maintained by project managers.

Meet Our Professional Construction Crew

People that Murphy Construction may call upon to service the needs of client’s particular project will be defined by the scope of the job and expertise necessary to meet project completion goals. Examples of construction experts that Murphy Construction provides clients include:

  • Skilled Tradesmen
  • Technical Management
  • Semi-skilled Workers
  • Unskilled Workers

Skilled tradesmen include a variety of people who have served apprenticeships in labor unions. Technical management consists of individuals whose highest qualification is an educational degree or certification necessary to complete a task. Semi-skilled workers have experience but no certifications or qualifications. Unskilled workers may provide general labor with no prior experience.

Occupations Murphy Construction rounds out contractor crews with include:

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Ironworkers
  • Masons
  • Tile setters
  • Other manual craft specialists

Murphy Construction supplies construction crews, construction managers, project managers and vocational specialists to client projects. The assumption of risk that Murphy Construction takes on as a management team over sub-contractors for a client means the company, not the client, bears the legal responsibility to ensure compliance and contract stipulations of the job are met completely.

Murphy Construction provides an easy route to clients who need a variety of experts for a job and offers the management services necessary to organize communications and labor quickly for project build completion to be achieved on time.