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Every commercial construction project is an opportunity for improving and vitalizing the local community and economy. Commercial construction projects bring the potential of many benefits to residents and other businesses in the project area, but it helps when the builder is a part of that community themselves. As a locally-owned business, Murphy Construction is a part of the local community and dedicated to making every commercial construction project a win-win for everyone involved.

Bringing New Business to Life

The building of retail stores, banks, restaurants, hotels, and every other type of commercial business is the cornerstone of local community life and the local economy. Commercial building projects support local communities in multiple ways. First, by providing construction jobs, but that is only the beginning.

Construction jobs for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, masons, drywall technicians, and every other sub-contracting specialty and supplier are the first way commercial construction projects add to a community’s economic base. But there are many other ways commercial construction benefits local communities long after the project is complete.

Construction of new commercial space brings new jobs to the community when those businesses open and start serving the public. These new businesses then go on to create jobs for maintenance, repair, and janitorial services as well as increasing business for security and financial sector workers. Local utility companies gain more customers, and more utility company workers are needed to serve the new customers.

Commercial Construction Benefits the Community

The National Association of Homebuilders reports that a commercial housing development of 100, median-priced homes can produce over $28 million dollars of income in the following year for local government and workers, including nearly 400 new jobs for people living nearby.

Local economies and local people benefit from commercial construction and revitalization through increased tax revenue for libraries and youth centers, needed infrastructure repair, and an increase in local economic transactions. The community also benefits from greater access to locally available goods and services.

Murphy Construction is a commercial construction specialist who knows and cares about our High Desert community and how commercial development impacts and benefits us all. We can assist you in developing, renovating, or building a commercial space for your own and the community’s benefit.