Staying Home or Moving Out During a Remodel | San Bernardino Contractor

Most people who are planning a remodel are excited about the changes to come. Still, the prospect and reality of living through the construction phase can be daunting and stressful. Deciding whether to stay in the house or move out temporarily is one major decision point during home renovations. Making this decision involves considering the realities of your project, thinking about your own needs, and consulting with your project manager at Murphy Construction. Before you have that conversation, here are some points to consider.

Can Your Budget Handle a Move?

The expense of relocation is foremost for most people. It can be expensive to rent an apartment or hotel for the duration of construction work, but there are also potential hidden costs when staying in the home while work goes on. There also may be options for less expensive lodging by renting space from a friend or relative or searching for long-term housesitting possibilities in the Victorville and High Desert area.

There are a number of ways living in a house can add to the cost of a remodel. For one thing, your contractor may charge more if you do, depending on the type of work being done. Accommodating the needs of a client for electricity, water, and dust control during construction can add a significant amount of planning and time for the completion of a project.

Also, when clients are close to the job site on a regular basis there is a natural tendency to strike up conversation with workers, ask questions about the progress of the work, or simply worry about details which the client really does not need to worry about, adding to the length and cost of the job. Finding temporary accommodations may actually reduce the overall cost of a remodel.

Can You Handle Living in a Construction Zone?

  • If you are at work all day and you do not have children, living in a construction zone can be easier to abide. However, if you work at home or have kids, spending the day surrounded by noise, utility disruptions, deliveries, and dust can quickly become unpleasant and stressful.
  • If you do choose to live in your home during construction, plan on setting up an area in the house as far as possible from the work and making it comfortable for you and your family, and talk with your construction manager as soon as possible, so your project can proceed smoothly.