Choosing a New Business Location Site | Victorville Murphy Construction

When deciding where to expand or build a new business, evaluation of the physical characteristics of the site is essential. Is the lot big enough? Is there room for parking on-site or nearby? Will building at the site create any potentially expensive or complex design considerations, like protection against high winds, flooding, or unstable soil?

It is also vital when selecting a site for business expansion or start-up that a site survey of the building lot is conducted along with an in-depth view of the entire area where the site is located. Even the most ideal lot of land can be situated in a neighborhood that may work against the success of the business.

Finding the Right Neighborhood for Commercial Construction

Verifying that the building site is zoned correctly for the proposed business is the first step in choosing a neighborhood for a new commercial project. This can be done at no cost by contacting the San Bernardino County Land Use Services Department for construction projects in the Victorville and High Desert areas.

If zoning designations are appropriate, examination of surrounding businesses, facilities such as parks and public buildings, and conditions in the local labor market are the next steps. Is the general environment complimentary to the business’s goals? Will it work with or against the company brand? A fashionable hair salon may not look as good sitting next to a dog groomer as it would next to a cozy Internet café.

Looking closely at how customers and workers will get to and from the business is also vital for finding a good location for a brick and mortar establishment. Consider how busy the street is and how this will impact customers, parking, deliveries, and employees coming and going. Where is the nearest competitor, and does the local community have the needed workforce, or will workers commute?

As you take time choosing the best building site for your commercial expansion, consider involving your contractor in the process. While a contractor cannot pick the right location for you, they can provide valuable information about the building site, permitting, material and labor costs, and insights into building for energy savings and LEED certification.

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