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Many people dream about a custom-built home. They think about everything that makes a house workable, comfortable, and attractive for their lifestyle and combines this with every bad design feature they ever had to put up with in past accommodations, arriving at the ideal structure for them.

At this point, many people are stumped about the next step in achieving their custom house. Do you talk to an architect first or go straight to a contractor? How do you choose these crucial professionals for custom building your dream home? What are the costs and what are the right questions to ask as you get started?

Building a Custom Home in the High Desert

Custom-built homes are houses designed and built to the exact, unique specifications of the person commissioning the building project. These are one-of-a-kind structures, built from the ground up through a team effort between owner, architect, and builder.

Another option is the semi-custom-built house. In this case, the builder or architect supplies a basic design plan, and the owner makes changes or chooses among options, arriving at a design matching their vision and meeting their needs.

There are also options between hiring an architect separately from the builder and hiring a contractor who has in-house architects, providing both services through one construction company.

Depending on the location of the building lot, a Homeowner’s Association may also need to be involved in the process of approving the design.

Important points to ask about when starting out on a custom-build for your dream home are:

  • What experience do the architect and builder have in custom home construction? Can you take a virtual or on-site tour of previously completed work?
  • What is the process for making changes in design or materials specifications as the construction is underway?
  • What are the rules for visiting the construction site as the project develops?
  • Does the builder provide a warranty for the completed building?
  • How does the billing process work?
  • What procedure is in place for settling disputes or conflicts which may arise during the construction?
  • Who is the key contact-person you will deal with as the project is underway?

Designing and building your dream home is a major investment and the thrill of a lifetime. Working with an experienced custom-home builder is key to realizing your dream.

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