7 Steps to Planning the Perfect Home Renovation | Murphy Construction Contractor

Home renovations results will shine if you do a little planning ahead of time. Paying close attention to the details will help you stay within a budget and make sensible decisions. Below are seven simple steps to planning your project for perfect results.

Hire a Designer

A professional designer can help you sift through all of the particulars you desire in renovation results and tell you whether they are feasible, both in space and budget parameters. They will help you refine all of your thoughts, dreams, and desires into a firm, actionable plan.

Set a Realistic Budget

Small home renovations can cost as little as 10,000 dollars, but more intensive changes can cost many more thousands over that. Set a realistic budget based on money, or credit that is actually attainable. Discuss any home improvement loans thoroughly with your financial institution to ensure you have the ability to pay the money back.

Create the Desired Plan

The designer can not only assist you in organizing thoughts, choosing best colors, textures, and designs, but they are experts at putting these plans on paper. You will have your project neatly laid out to show potential contractors.

Interview Contractors

You are now ready to begin the process of interviewing contractors for your renovation project. Focus on the important things like deadlines, quality of work, and whether there are plenty of recent satisfied customers. You will also want to see a few images of similar projects to see if they match your desired style.

Window Shop for Materials

Doing a little window shopping ahead of time for your renovation project can be fun. You can get up-to-date on current trends in furnishings, decor, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixture, door knobs, cabinet hardware, carpeting, tile, and so much more. You can create a list to pass along to the contractor. This is helpful if items have to be ordered ahead of time.

Obtain Permits

Depending on the area, it can take weeks or months to gain certain building and renovation permits. Make sure all of your paperwork is in order before the project begins. If not, you could be subject to fines and other penalties.

Sign a Construction Contract

Discuss the specifics of the construction contract to ensure you fully understand and agree with the contents. Sign on the dotted line and get started!

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