5 Big Mistakes to Avoid Before Building Your New Home | Murphy Construction

Careful thought should go into every aspect of the build of a new home. Getting one thing off can leave you feeling disappointed with your investment. Below are five mistakes to avoid in the planning and build of your new house.

Placement of Living Areas and Bedroom Areas

The decision of where to place bedrooms versus the area of the main living spaces, like family rooms and kitchens, are critical. It is especially true for busy and large families. High levels of noise can keep people from feeling comfortable and getting a relaxing sleep. Explore all options in making the final decisions for the floor plan.

Where to Place a Shared Bathroom

The shared bathroom is one that two or more bedroom occupants will have to use equally and need placing in a convenient location. It might also see a fair amount of traffic from visitor use. Make sure you are comfortable with the plan and consider adding a small half bath for guest use. It is easily plumbed into the same network as the kitchen if it is placed nearby.

Laundry Room Location

Having a laundry room is nice, but placing it in an inconvenient location can create a problem for you from the start. Some people love having the laundry room upstairs, or in the basement. It can become a hassle if the main user of this area becomes injured, or simply tires of hauling clothes up and down stairs. Main floor locations usually offer the greatest convenience and value.

Adding Unused or Lightly Used Space

The idea of having a family room in addition to a living room, a sunroom and a patio might seem like the perfect plan, but how much use will each of these areas actually see? Every square foot of your construction is costing money. Having a ton of unused or lightly used space will cost more to build, more to maintain, and see little to no practical use. Take the time to consider each area and maximize the use of each space to save money.

Not Being Included In the Planning

Purchasing homes that are already built to a specified floorplan are not always the best way to go. You can attempt to fit your family and lifestyle into one of these homes, but you will end up with better results through custom planning. Get highly involved in the planning stages of your new home.

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