Is Smart Technology Best for My New Home? | Victorville Murphy Construction

The newness of appliances with smart technology makes them a popular item for new homes. The technology has expanded to also include the entryway locking mechanisms, lighting, speaker systems, heating, cooling, and alarm security. Is smart technology right for your new home? Below are a few things to consider before making the final choice.

The Convenience of Smart Appliances

Smart technology allows you the capability to monitor the performance and efficiency at any time. You can add controls to your smart devices that make it possible to adjust the temperature of your home from any location. It’s the perfect solution for those that have pets at home depending on a comfortable room temperature when you are away. You can better manage the costs associated with operating all of your appliances.

Smart Lock and Security System Passcodes

Keyed locks for homes and garages are increasingly disappearing with the push for keyless entry systems. A simple configuration of passcode letters or numbers gets you quick access, no key needed. You can also monitor the security of all the windows and doors in your home using your smartphone or tablet. You are placing the security of the home at a slightly higher risk if there is a chance that others can access your smart device for the passcode.

Protect Yourself from Hacking or Abuse

Incorporating smart technology into your new home design can be the perfect solution if you take a few important considerations into account. These are:

  • Keep your smart devices with passcodes protected with a passcode.
  • Have the appliances or security features tested if you experience abnormal problems.
  • Put your important passcodes into an encrypted vault app on your smartphone.
  • Make sure you fully understand how to operate the smart technology and can change passcodes on your own.

It’s possible to have easy keyless entry and continuous monitoring or control capabilities safe in an era of cyber uncertainty. Take the steps you need to ensure your smart technology is kept private and fully in your control.

The convenience of smart technology for the home is a tempting option for those looking to build, but considering taking specific precautions are the best way to approach every proposed item. Contact us at Murphy Construction to begin planning your new home build anywhere in the High Desert area of California.