3 Projects Designed for Metal Fabrication During Home Construction

Developing a different look for your new home is often easier when you take a look at the smaller details and incorporating them into the build of your home. At Murphy Construction, we’re happy to provide you the avenues needed to add items that are custom fabricated. Below are three major projects that can add fabricated steel into your home for the perfect contemporary look.

Interior or Exterior Metal Staircases and Railings

Using metal to create staircases, railings, and the trim for verandas can add a stately appearance to the interior and exterior of the home. Metal staircases can be made in a spiral design or any other typical styling. Balustrade for front and back decks, porches, or second-floor balconies and verandas are given a classic look by having customized fabricated metal products installed. The metal can be painted to better match the interior or exterior design plan. The product will fit right due to customized measurement and quality fabrication.

Decorative Fencing to Surround Pools

Keeping your pool area protected and safe doesn’t have to be done in boring ways, such as chain link fencing. Your new home and new pool can be protected using custom-designed and fabricated metal fencing. It’s important to keep your pool secured from intrusion by children that cannot swim, or should be supervised when in the water. You can adjust the height to meet your needs, and the metal design gives you a great view of the entire pool area. It allows you to safely lock the pool off from use, yet gives you the full view of the beauty.

Ornate Property Fencing and Gates

Enclosing your property with ornate metal fencing and gates can give your place a look of distinction. It helps you limit access to your property to those that need to be there and shuts down the avenues of access for those that don’t need to cross through the gates. Keep your family and property safer with style. It can increase the value of your home through improved safety and aesthetics.

Contact our new home build experts at Murphy Construction and find out more about including metal fabrication projects and details into the design of your new place. We work with clients all throughout the High Desert area of Southern California. You can have all of the customized metal fabricated products added to your plans.