5 Reasons You Should Consider Commercial Building Renovation | Murphy Construction

Commercial building renovation is a great solution for updating and improving your business when you’re on a budget. Below are five reasons a renovation might be the best option for you.

Electrical Problems and Insufficiencies

Electrical problems can be as simple as not having enough outlets to operate your business. It can also include wiring that is aged, bare, and leads to electrocution or fire hazards. Any signs of electrical problems should be looked at by experts in commercial remodel and renovation.

Faulty Drainage

Do you own commercial property that consistently floods when it rains? Are you constantly battling backed up sewer lines? Drainage troubles can lead to costly repairs and lost business. Our commercial building and renovation experts can help resolve any problems quickly.

Leaking Roof

Your commercial roof helps preserve your assets housed within the building. No matter what type of roof you have, leaks will eventually come as the roof materials age and wear. We are able to diagnose and locate roofing leaks fast. Get the needed repairs or replacement before you end up with damaged interiors, equipment, or merchandise.

Continual Plumbing Issues

Leaking plumbing pipes and clogged drains can cause a complete halt to your business activities. Non-working toilets, commercial kitchens, laundromats, car washes, and other types of businesses need to have easy access to water and free-flowing drains. Replacing old plumbing will ensure you have the best plumbing system possible.

Old and Outdated Appearance

The older your business gets, the more dated the outside and inside look. We can help you design and renovate the interior and exterior of your business to give it a whole new look.

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