Top Renovation Trends for Your Rustic Kitchen

As the most important room in the home, your kitchen is something you show off to your guests when you entertain and where you should feel cozy when prepping food each day. Over time, the space can become outdated, and you may be ready to start a renovation project. If you select a rustic kitchen that has character, there are a few trends to follow to execute the design while working with a contractor.

Add Plenty of Wood

One of the secrets to creating a rustic kitchen is to add plenty of wood features. Your range hood, floors, and even your island can all feature wood, which will add a touch of warmth and will make the room feel cozy. Generous layers of wood will not only look natural but will still look contemporary when you pair the material with stylish pendants.

Install Open Shelves

Open shelves are one of the most popular features to put on display in rustic kitchens because they add an unconventional look to the room. The shelves can be used for displaying your favorite set of bowls or mugs and will allow everything to be easy to access each day. The look is a lot easier on the eyes compared to bulky cabinets that take up a lot more space.

Add a Stone Backsplash

Stone backsplashes are durable and also add a rustic touch to the kitchen when you want something that is both natural and neutral. The material is imperfect, making it complement other types of natural elements that are on display. You can even add a backsplash that has different types of tiles to create a mosaic look for a charming touch. Pairing these styles of backsplashes with a farmhouse sink will make you feel like you’re in an old, quaint kitchen.

Install a Pine Ceiling

One of the latest trends is installing wood panels on the ceiling. This immediately elevates the look of the room and can draw the eyes upward. Pine boards will add a bit of height to the room to ensure the space looks larger.

There are a few main design elements that make it easy to create a rustic theme in your kitchen when it’s time to renovate your existing space, or you’re in the process of building a new home. With the right materials and designs, you’ll enjoy the cozy look that is created.