Features to Add to Your House to Make it a Child-Friendly Home

When you have children, it’s essential for them to feel at ease and safely navigate the home each day. However, after moving into a new home or growing your family in your current house, it can be easy to start to feel inconvenienced by the design of the interior setting when kids are present. Fortunately, there are a few features you can add during a renovation project to make it a more child-friendly space.

Install More Storage Space

It can be easy to accumulate a significant amount of toys, books, and stuffed animals once you have children. This can cause the house to become cluttered if you’re lacking enough storage space quickly. Expanding the size of the closets and adding extra cabinetry in a mudroom can make it easier to keep certain items out of sight but still easy to access.

Add Built-In Units

One of the most common fears parents often have is that large and heavy furniture can tip over and put their children’s life at risk. Built-in units are a solution to this issue and can offer peace of mind. They’ll allow your home to have a contemporary and classy style while also offering a higher level of safety for your little ones. Not only can you use the shelves and cabinets for storing your belongings, but you can also display your favorite books and mementos.

Use Retractable Gates

Retractable gates are a great solution to keeping your kids safe when stairs are present in the home, or you want to limit access to certain rooms of the house. The gates are sleek and contemporary to prevent them from becoming an eyesore and are easy to use.

Use Semigloss Paint

Using semigloss paint is the secret to keeping fingerprints and dirt off the walls when children run through the house each day. The paint makes it easy to wipe off dirt and grime and also keeps some of the dirt discrete compared to matte paint. You can also create a chalkboard wall in the playroom or a bedroom for a fun feature that allows your kids to have their own space to color on the walls.

There are many different features that will make your home more manageable for your kids to inhabit. The additions will also make it easier for you to maintain the home as your children grow and develop.