What to Know Before You Renovate Your Basement

Renovating your basement is a great project to consider because it can increase the square footage of your home and boost your property value. It’s also a great way of having more space to spend time in the house, whether you want to use it as an extra bedroom or an entertainment room. If you’re ready to renovate your basement, there are a few essential facts to know before you get started.

Know How You’ll Plan to Use the Space

It’s important to decide how you plan to use your basement once it’s renovated to ensure it’s functional and you can get plenty of use out of it. This will allow you to add specific features and select the right materials. Creating an open design can allow it to serve more than one purpose and can boost your home’s value. For example, you may want to create a man cave, a playroom for your kids, or an extra living space for a senior parent that is moving into the home.

Create Enough Storage Space

Many people make the mistake of forgetting about adding storage space to the basement for items that will be used while spending time on the floor. You’ll need cabinets or cupboards for linens, toys, or even blankets, depending on how you plan to use the room.

Know Your Budget

Make it a point to research what your budget is in advance to ensure you can afford to complete the project. This requires asking yourself what type of renovations you want to make, the allowances you need to make for local codes, and how upscale you want the space to look with the materials you select.

Perform a Moisture Test

Moisture tests are essential to perform before you start the construction to prevent any excess dampness from causing damage to the materials your contractor installs. Trapped moisture also leads to mold and mildew and can be an expensive problem to fix once it develops. If the humidity levels are too high, you’ll need to add a dehumidifier and keep the air circulating.

By understanding what steps to take before you renovate your basement, it can make it easier to avoid issues and complications. With the help of a contractor, it will prove to be a quicker and smoother process from beginning to end.