5 Water Features to Add to Your Property This Summer

When you’re headed outdoors to soak up the sun and spend more time in the backyard, you’ll be surrounded by your landscaping and features that are on display. Adding water features is a great way of creating a relaxing oasis where you can unwind and cool off. If you want to enhance your front or backyard, there are a few water features you can enjoy incorporating onto your property this summer.

  1. Water Fountain

Water fountains continue to be popular fixtures due to their movement and the tranquil sounds they create. Water fountains can fill in bare spots in your garden or near your front porch to draw more attention to specific areas of your property. You can even place a fountain in the middle of your yard to create a focal point. Hanging wall fountains are also decorative and look beautiful in small spaces.

  1. Koi Ponds

More homeowners are choosing to install ponds in their yards because they look natural and can house koi fish. Koi ponds have now replaced indoor aquariums and are known to be mesmerizing and peaceful. Adding snake plants and shrubs around the pond will frame it and allow it to stand out.

  1. Garden Creek

Garden creeks work well on larger properties where there’s a lack of visual appeal on plots of land. Add a garden creek to your property with the use of PVC pipe, gravel, a recirculating pump, and concrete. Frame the creek with stones to guide the water and allow it to look natural once it’s incorporated into your yard. It can even be used as a garden border and can flow close to a seating area where you can enjoy sitting next to the water.

  1. Birdbath

Birdbaths are a staple in any type of yard and are appealing because they’re known to attract all types of birds and critters. Noble birdbaths can blend in with a lush garden and can contribute to nature. There are many styles to choose from, allowing you to choose from fountain designs, hanging birdbaths, and pedestal birdbaths.

Water features are a great way of sprucing up your exterior design without too much construction involved. You can add fixtures that create an inviting outdoor space, whether you’re entertaining or are recharging outdoors throughout the summer season.