Small Updates That Make a Big Impact on Your Home's Exterior

The curb appeal of your property influences how much your home stands out in the neighborhood and can impact its overall value. If your home’s exterior needs a refresh, you don’t have to necessarily install new vinyl siding or add a new roof to make a statement. There are a few minor and cost-effective updates to make that can have a large impact and allow you to feel proud to show off your home.

Paint the Front Door

The door is one of the main features that your visitors and guests on the outside of your home. Consider painting the front door with a color shade that pops and complements your home’s color scheme. Some of the most popular paint colors for front doors include yellow, red, black, and blue. Adding new hardware to the door can also update it and allow it to look new again.

Restaining an old wood door can also make it look vibrant and can add a rustic look to the porch. This style pairs well with modern or farmhouse homes that have more character.

Install a New Mailbox

The mailbox can become an eyesore if it’s outdated and appears worn due to the elements. Consider installing a new mailbox that is more durable and matches the style of your home’s exterior. You can even paint it the same color as your house to make it stand out.

Add Shutters

If your windows look drab, adding shutters can look striking and draw more attention to your house. Shutters are classic and never appear outdated, making it necessary to install them on each window that is large enough to accommodate them. Choose a color shade that offers contrast and doesn’t blend in too easily with the main color of your home.

Invest in the Lighting

The lights that are on display on your house immediately date the property, making it necessary to update old lights that are rusty. Opt for square light fixtures that are modern and contemporary. Lights with a black finish look clean and minimal.

There are plenty of budget-friendly updates to make on your home’s exterior to transform the look of your residential property. With the right additions, you can enhance your home’s appearance and create a cozy and welcoming setting.