How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Wood Floors

More homeowners are installing wood floors because of their beautiful appearance and high value. Wood floors are one of the most popular flooring materials in the industry but require a high level of maintenance to ensure they stay in great shape over time. If you want to increase the lifespan of your wood floors and prevent potential issues from developing, there are a few important steps to take.

Use Rugs

Invest in quality area rugs in larger rooms of the home to protect the quality of your floors and prevent them from suffering from wear and tear. A large area rug can be used in the living room and each bedroom. You can also add runners to hallways or high-traffic areas where your family members constantly walk during the day.

Invest in Curtains

You may not consider hanging curtains as a way to protect your hardwood floors, but the heavy materials can prevent the floors from fading over time. Curtains block harmful UV rays that can lead to damage on the floors and cause discoloration, making it necessary to place them on windows where a lot of light filters through during the day.

Reduce Humidity

It’s no secret that moisture is one of the most common threats to hardwood floors and can lead to warping. Reduce the amount of moisture that is in the air by investing in a dehumidifier. It’s also important to avoid using water to clean the floors and to stick to cleaning products that are specifically made for wood materials. If spills or moisture are present on the floors, immediately wipe them up to prevent the wood floorboards from lifting.

Check for Proper Installation

Inspect the floors to determine if they’re installed properly to ensure they last an average of 100 years. Your hardwood floors should be backed by a warranty, making it necessary to look for any signs of defects or issues to ensure they continue to hold up well over time. The wood boards should have enough space to contract and expand throughout the year to prevent potential damage from occurring.

Understanding how to care for and maintain your hardwood floors is necessary to keep them looking beautiful and get plenty of use out of them long-term. With the right techniques and tools, you can feel proud to show off the materials both now and in the future.