Murphy Construction Custom Residential Homes

If you are looking for a contractor with years of experience in constructing <a href="" title="Learn more about our custom residential projects explanation.”>custom residential property in Victorville, Murphy Construction should definitely be a company that you talk to. The owner, Bernard Murphy, founded the company in 1976 and has spent the past several decades working on thousands of commercial, residential, and multi-use projects.

In the past 37 years, the company has grown to include Bernard’s son, Thomas, as well as dozens of skilled staff and construction experts.

Whether you are looking at building a custom home or remodeling an existing home in Apple Valley, you want a builder that has experience dealing with the intricacies and unique issues that come up with custom-designed residential construction. Both of these are major projects that most likely represent the investment of a significant portion of your assets. That is why you need a builder that focuses on quality construction while sticking to a budget and time frame.

With over three decades of experience, Murphy Construction has worked on more than enough projects to give accurate estimates of the time, labor, and materials that a project will need. With custom work, this is critical since there are no other projects to base these estimates from. Custom remodeling and expansion requires someone with years of construction experience to give you an accurate picture of what the building process will be like from ground breaking to final clean-up.

Customized Schedules

In addition to knowing your budget and time frame, you’ll also be given a detailed schedule of what your custom home will look like at every stage of the construction process. That means you’ll know what rooms can be used and how long you’ll need to find alternate housing. Their experience in Hesperia also means that they’ll be able to work around your home and family’s unique situation. Customized schedules to accommodate work and life events are possible.

Whether you are considering a remodel, renovation or even building from the ground up, Murphy Construction is a company that you should talk to. One of their home remodeling specialists can visit your site and give you an estimate that will let you get started on constructing your dream home.