Select Long Lasting Flooring

Murphy Construction is your contractor of choice for top-quality flooring at reasonable prices. This is especially important in the High Desert, where extreme conditions make proper product choice and installation critical to the Victorville or Apple Valley homeowner’s long-term satisfaction. Here are some factors to consider in your search for the right San Bernardino County construction contractor:

  • Anyone who has been in the Inland Empire for any length of time knows that dealing with dirt and dust is part of everyday life. Not only can the ever-present desert sand make housekeeping a chore, but sand can also wreak havoc with residential flooring. That’s why it’s important to have a construction contractor with the know-how to install the right flooring for the desert environment, like glazed ceramic tile or hardwoods with extra-durable coatings.
  • The High Desert is home to abundant amounts of sand and sunlight. While this climate has its advantages, such as solar power, exposure to such strong sunlight does little good for your flooring. The sun’s rays can rob your floor of moisture and cause premature fading. Fortunately, Murphy Construction is familiar and prepared for this problem. Their specialists in Hesperia use proper product choice and installation techniques to minimize this threat to your home’s appearance and value.
  • Where there’s a lot of sunshine, there’s also a great deal of heat. High temperatures pose yet another potential threat to your flooring. This is just one more reason to choose Murphy Construction in Victorville. Their familiarity with the climate in Apple Valley and Adelanto can help them safeguard your new floors from the ravages of extreme temperatures.
The high desert has a unique beauty all its own. Not only is this a major plus for residents, but it also influences local architecture and interior decorating choices. But, to have a home that looks and feels great in a hot, dry climate, you need a contractor that’s familiar with local building codes and styles; in other words, look to Murphy Construction.

For all these reasons and more, we invite you to contact us today for your free, no-hassle estimate. We’ll listen to your needs and provide you with a complimentary quote, giving you the facts you need to make an informed decision use this link.