The Six Aspects of Construction Management

When looking for a contractor to handle your building project, it’s important to find one that is well-versed in the principles of construction management. Planning and organizing are essential to any successful venture, including erecting and remodeling residential and commercial structures in Victorville and more.

“All well and good,” you might say, “but what do you mean by ‘construction management?’” That’s an excellent question. Construction management involves the following activities:

  1. The initial planning phase, which includes obtaining the necessary permits and breaking the work down into specific tasks.
  2. Scheduling the job, which involves both setting the initial construction date and estimating the needed time until completion. Job scheduling is important for two reasons: one, it allows the contractor to give the customer an accurate costs appraisal; two, it gives both the contractor and the client a time frame for the project’s completion.
  3. Organizing the resources to complete the project, which involves assigning skilled craftspeople to appropriate tasks, locating and purchasing the necessary materials, and establishing an orderly procedure to guide employees.
  4. Directing workers in their tasks, which concerns assigning specific duties, supervising the performance of duties, and when necessary providing training on how to perform the many jobs involved with any Apple Valley construction project.
  5. Controlling the construction process, an essential for maintaining a reasonable timetable, preventing cost overruns, and ensuring the client’s satisfaction with the final results.
  6. Coordinating the construction process, which means ensuring good communication between the various individuals and teams involved in the project. Construction coordination is perhaps the most important of the six steps. Effective communication is essential to finishing the job in an efficient manner.
As you can see, a lot goes into managing a construction job. That’s why you need a seasoned contractor that can oversee all aspects of your project from beginning to end.
The professionals at Murphy Construction have decades of combined experience in all six aspects of Construction Management in San Bernardino County. Our staff will complete your work on time, within budget, and with final results that will leave you satisfied. Contact us by phone or email today for more information.