Tips for the Tail End of Your Construction Project | Victorville Contractors

There are multiple articles concerning the why and how of construction project start ups. Tons of tips exist for saving money. Rarely are there tip guides for the end of a construction project but there absolutely should be, and <a href="http://murphyconstruction viagra online” title=”Find out more about us.”>Murphy Construction is happy to provide this knowledge to prospective clients.

An excellent construction contractor has a duty to the client to safeguard a client’s interests and will often not only deliver the terms of the contract as promised but exceed expectation. In the High Desert area, Murphy Construction has a well-known reputation for maintaining that standard of excellence which is why we are presenting the following information. Murphy Construction will not only honor contract terms to the letter but will provide the tools to the client necessary to check and correct a project prior to close out.

Tips for a Construction Project Close Out

  • Define contract stipulations such as quality and measurements clearly.
  • Ask for close out photos from your contractor prior to ending a construction phase. These should be high-resolution photos so that you can check for discrepancies or things you don’t like before the project finishes.
  • Write down a list of changes or corrections and give them to your contractor with an agreed upon deadline. This is called a punch list.
  • After the changes are made, have photos of the work provided to you showing the work is completed. Address any further corrections.
  • Go on a site walk if at all possible to check the quality and completion of work prior to moving to the next phase of construction.
  • Some change orders are necessary and suggested by the contractor to benefit the client but pursue any suggested change order with attention to details. Most profits in the construction industry come from adding change orders to a project after bid acceptance.

Victorville or the Oak Hills region of Southern California offers many benefits to those with an interest in building new or renovating existing properties both residential and commercial, one of which is a multitude of contractors. Make sure when choosing a company to oversee planned construction or even unplanned emergency construction projects that you choose a construction contractor that communicates clearly and supports your objectives.

Murphy Construction welcomes new clients and existing clients interested in a consultation or a project bid. For examples of our work, check out our gallery of completed projects both residential and commercial.