Let's Talk About Construction Labor and the Cost Details | Victorville Contractors

In a prior article, this blog addressed the false conception held by some individuals in the Victorville region that a job that promises speed sacrifices quality. A good construction contractor like Murphy Construction can easily deliver both factors to a client’s satisfaction. Let’s delve a little more into the costs of construction factored into construction quotes.

The primary object of agreement on a quote is a schedule of work for an agreed upon dollar amount. This item can also include materials depending on if the client is requesting the contractor to supply the materials. Often bids are low in appearance because clients will provide the materials for the labor more cheaply by obtaining items in bulk for use on multiple job sites. Not all contractors have a warehouse to store materials, and many will purchase items at a local hardware store on an as-needed basis. This can add cost to a client’s job.

Communication with Contractors

A good contractor will be in communications about this added cost ahead of time or have an agreement in place with a budget for unexpected costs that a crew can use for immediate problem solving on a job site. It’s easier to maintain a schedule with a little flexibility and planning built in for unexpected situations.

Clients are not usually responsible for transportation of crew or materials to a job site. Contractors manage transportation details such as driver logs, weight restrictions on trucks and trailers, and sleep time. Frequently, the client who provides materials sets up a location where materials are stored. Larger clients have warehouses. Smaller clients have storage units. The smallest clients might decide to pay the contractor to use supplier and vendor contacts to meet their needs.

Itemized Markups & Materials List

In the last instance, the contractor will provide an itemized markup and materials list to the client with an agreed upon mark up between the two parties to reimburse the contractor. It is a normal and fair practice. Additionally, if a contractor has to store materials over a long time for the client, it is also fair that a client may receive a bill for storage costs.

Most contractors manage many cost factors well below client visibility. Its not something a client should have to deal with during a project. The best contractors like Murphy Construction manage these details, so the client doesn’t have to worry.