Speed or Quality? Have Both on Your Construction Project | Victorville Contractors

A common conception of the Victorville Regional culture is that one must sacrifice quality to gain speed. This is not accurate and here’s why.

Construction work is performed by crews or construction contractors. Since construction needs fluctuate wildly based on the amount of work in demand by the region, work is not static. It’s important for clients to remember that a great construction contractor can move fast without being constrained by a loss to quality limitations. Speed and quality can be had together provided the contractor is an expert in their field like Murphy Construction.

Determine the Project Schedule and Budget

If clients have basic deadlines in mind and written down before approaching a construction company, then the client will receive a speedy quote. Often clients will want to know if the contractor has the crew but this is not a good question and does not indicate speed or quality of commitments.

The contractor might not have the labor at the time of initial communications because once a crew is promised work they need to be paid. By not having the laborers immediately at a work place, the contractor does not have to factor the cost of on-call labor into the company’s overhead cost when calculating quotes. When a client meets with a contractor the lack of workers present is no indication that the labor is not available.

If a client comes in with a projected schedule and a clear end goal, ready to negotiate milestones and pay points, the contractor who promises a tight schedule and rapid labor commitment can do so with confidence because they know where the laborers are and how to get additional contractors for job specific tasks. Rather than have the client scrounge for additional crews and multiple job concerns, the client’s agent does the work for the client.

Murphy Construction Aims to Work with Clients

Once a contractor has a commitment from a client on project schedules the contractor can ramp up his workforce and stay on the budget more easily. In the construction industry, there are heavy standards imposed on labor and pay by employment regulators. A contractor can lower the costs to the client if the client is able to provide the necessary information to safely schedule crews and get work done.

Murphy Construction does much more than just provide work crews to the client for labor needs. Murphy Construction owns the management of their client’s projects to guarantee both timeliness and quality.