Procurement and What It Means to the Client | Oak Hills Construction

A primary aspect of starting a project in construction is called procurement. Procurement in relation to construction means to obtain a building. There are three methods recognized in the industry.

  • Traditional – also known as design-bid-build
  • Design-build
  • and Construction Management

Design-Build-Bid Procurement

A design-build-bid procurement is the most common. Desigh-bid-build tends to consist of two parties, the designer and the builder who work together in partnership with the client. The contractors have a direct line of communication with the architect’s client and the contractors manage their subcontractors.

For new builds or demolitions and rebuilds, Murphy Construction can act as a project management team over subcontractors in these scenarios.

Design-Build Procurement

For a design-build procurement, there is no partnership between two separate entities working as a team. It has become more common in recent years for one company to both design and build the project. The company that designs and builds the building can consist of a team of multiple companies working under one Project Manager.

This type of scenario eliminates multiple steps and relationships to be managed during the course of the project. It simplifies communication.

Professional Construction Management

Murphy Construction has the necessary skills and artisans to lead a project of this caliber and has done so before for the Victorville and surrounding regions. Murphy Construction provides the best capable Project Managers.

Construction management is the last form of procurement listed. In this situation, the client acts as the manager and liaison between all of the contractors and the architect and engineer. In construction management procurement, there are no subcontractors to the main contractor. Each contractor directly works with the client.

This process places the burden of communication and risks directly on the client but also gives the client complete control and allows for project micromanagement. This scenario can be a disaster or a blessing depending on a client’s knowledge of construction, physics, economy and the construction laws and ordinances.

In the Victorville and Oak Hills regions of southern California, Murphy Construction has specialists available for clients to procure buildings regardless of the method. Murphy Construction will provide the best possible customer service to the client and deliver the most accurate, safe and quality processes and end product.

Murphy Construction’s management teams, subcontractor relationships, and construction specialists are capable and efficient at performing in all three procurement scenarios.