Modern Forms of Developing Procurement Relevant to Construction | Victorville

In a previous blog, Murphy Construction presented a spotlight written about the three forms of procurement known in the construction industry. Those forms of procurement known as design-bid-build, design-build and construction management are well established and easily recognized by almost every construction firm doing business today. However, there are a couple of other procurement processes also used in modern times.

Murphy Construction is presenting these less used forms of procurement to share knowledge with clients and to advise future clients that this company is well versed in all areas of the construction process.

Providing Excellence in Construction Contracting

It is Murphy Construction’s goal to provide the Victorville and Oak Hills area with the best possible customer service and quality end construction projects. The managers and teams at this company have a wide skill set and extensive experience in meeting all of their client’s construction contractor needs.

Modern forms of developing procurement that is relevant to the construction industry include Public-Private Partnering (PPPs) and Alliances.

Public-Private Partnering (PPPs) is also referred to as Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs). This process means to fund public projects with private capital. It is most commonly used by governments for building up communities.

PPPs and PFIs operate under strict standards and demanding regulations, something Murphy Construction is used to dealing with while delivering excellence on every project. Murphy Construction has done contracted labor for clients like the government or associated with the government and is very familiar with public works. Many commercial projects, while not using a PPP or PFI procurement process, still require an attention to detail which Murphy Construction frequently provides to Oak Hills regional clients and others in the Victorville area.

Alliances used as a form of procurement in the construction industry is not as well defined or common as other forms of procurement. It originated to satisfy parties desiring a strategic or pure objective bogged down or tainted by other processes. The goal of the alliance procurement process is to take existing goals and projects and make them better.

The construction industry remains a very competitive field. Adversarial business practices are frequently observed throughout history. Alliance procurement partnerships are unique to each alliance. Murphy Construction is familiar with catering to individual client specifications and can work with an alliance procurement process too.

For those projects looking for a management or labor team in the Oak Hills or Victorville area and surrounding region, Murphy Construction can do the job.