An Exploration of Industrial Construction | High Desert Murphy Construction

Most people are familiar with residential, large public works, infrastructure building and commercial construction but not as many are familiar with industrial construction. Murphy Construction is very well versed with the needs of an industrial construction build project’s needs and the strict regulations around those projects in the High Desert area of Southern California.

The Basics of Industrial Construction

The category of industrial construction includes works like power plants, generators, refineries of all kinds, chemical processing plants, mills to grind up materials and plants for manufacturing. In Southern California, this category of construction could also include projects such as reverse osmosis centers for water purification and wave generators. Environmental concerns being high in the average Californian’s conscious, construction on things such as oil rigs and ocean platforms are not often seen, but those too are industrial projects.

When there is a need for industrial construction, companies and organizations need a construction or project management team that intimately understands regulations and ordinances of the local, state and federal governments. Construction projects are also likely to be heavily scrutinized for public relations and media concerns including OSHA, DOT, and Whistle blower factions.

Certified & Experienced Construction Contractor

Murphy Construction has a great record of compliance with OSHA. There will be no penalties, slow downs or stop works hampering deadlines for a heavy needs project in demand for improving an area’s industrial potential. Murphy Construction crews are also in compliance with DOT regulations which makes tasks like hauling heavy machinery and building materials easier on public roadways. And all of Murphy Construction’s build sites have the appropriate posts up for crew and public notifications.

Industrial construction requires a special kind of attention to detail. Unlike a residential build where one party such as a family or real estate mogul or developer is the main client, industrial builds often involve a whole slew of parties in coordination all with various objectives. A good construction contractor like Murphy Construction is able to communicate and work effectively between all of the interested parties.

Interested parties for an industrial build project will definitely include officials, inspectors, and even elected government representatives. When industry comes into an area, there are a wide variety of people interested in assisting the project or in stopping the project. A great construction management team can take some of these burdens off the client and mitigate hindrances by supplying satisfactory solutions.

Murphy Construction is a great construction contractor for industrial project needs.