The Process of Planning Permission | Victorville Murphy Construction Contractors

Murphy Construction provides services to the Southern California High Desert Area for many clients of different designations such as residential, commercial, public works, and industrial building projects. Murphy Construction project management teams make the process easier and faster for clients trying to navigate the many paths to project completion including the process of planning permission.

Planning Permission & Construction Contracting

Planning permission, also widely known as the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), is the governmental entity or sub-agency that oversees the construction process. In many cases, the governing authority is the municipality in which the property is seated, but this is not always so. Properties governed by a supra-municipal authority can be the owning authority. Murphy Construction project managers have the resources and contacts necessary to further investigate this for any construction project in order to make sure all considerations for completing a build are discovered and met in order to avoid penalties or delays in closing out the project.

An example of this process would be adding new construction onto an existing structure like adding a radio or broadband antenna onto a pre-existing communications tower. The client might be a communications business who wants to extend their broadcast communications area by having a company like Murphy Construction do the build but the authority having jurisdiction would be the radio tower’s owner thus requiring specifications and documentation of parameters being met and provided to both the communication company and the tower owner.

Experienced Project Managers

Murphy Construction project managers are great for navigating AHJ obstacles. In fact, many good construction companies like Murphy Construction likely already have a list of contacts for the local region’s authorities as well as a familiarity with who the authorities are because Murphy Construction works in that region.

This is an important consideration for clients and customers to consider because once a project starts the construction might have to be inspected and signed off on by the governing authority with jurisdiction. Murphy Construction makes the construction process easier on clients by managing communications and submittals to governing authorities.

Murphy Construction can handle this task with professional expertise and is experienced at satisfying both the client’s needs and those of the AHJ. Project managers and crews dispatched by Murphy Construction teams are the best at facilitating project completion in all areas of interest for the High Desert Area in Southern California.