Building Codes and Your Projects | Murphy Construction Victorville Contractors

The High Desert area in Southern California is an area that Murphy Construction gladly serves for many project needs, residential or commercial. As a provider of quality construction contracts and labor, Murphy Construction offers multiple layers of project development and actions in order to assist in reaching and completing project milestones.

Fortunately for customers of Murphy Construction, compliance with these building codes is easy and a regular part of any job performance. Customers need not worry about added costs associated with failed inspections because Murphy’s Construction employs thorough project and construction managers to quality check every job.

Planning for Construction Projects

Before a client walks a job site for the purposes of assembling a punch list of alterations and final changes, Murphy Construction’s people will have done their own site walk to ensure the company’s high-quality standards are met to perfection. In fact, Murphy Construction has a high standard of quality already incorporated into the company’s method of procedures which often exceeds basic building codes.

Building codes are important and compliance starts with acquiring the appropriate permits and licenses to build and work. Murphy Construction can facilitate these transactions for easy contact and quick communications.

Once the license and permits are acquired, jobs must be completed in a finite amount of time defined by ordinances already in place by local regulatory bodies. This includes start work dates, stop work dates and milestone inspections.

Project Management & Meeting Regulations

Multiple parties share an interest in the development of a new build or in the maintenance or changing of existing build projects. These can include municipal organizations like water and sewage, utility companies such as electric, gas and telecommunications or cable as well other bodies of regulation like Home Owner Associations. Additionally, federal entities like the Environmental Protection Agency may become involved.

The main standard of building codes used in California and much of the United States of America are the International Commercial or Residential Code, which includes plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes. This does not include the regulations imposed by the individual entities before they will serve a property, such as the electric company’s internal standards to minimize their liability and ensure safety before connecting a property.

Take the confusion and frustration out of handling multiple layers of regulatory compliance and let Murphy Construction do it for you with single point communication policies and knowledgeable professional contractors who can guide the project efficiently through construction progression milestones.