Construction Site Safety and Your Project | Oak Hills Murphy Construction Project

In the High Desert area of Southern California, which is where Murphy Construction offers its services to both residential and commercial clients, the need for knowledgeable and qualified construction service providers remains a constant demand. As the construction industry has expanded its capabilities to provide multiple services, so too has the need for construction site safety and compliance.

Over the vast variety of construction site jobs such as erecting buildings, structures related to home and work, roads, bridges, signs and infrastructure maintenance and repair all have one thing in common: the need for job site safety.

Experienced & Expert Construction Crew

Murphy Construction crews are used to working many hazardous operations which include dangerous conditions such as scaffolding work or hoist work using a crane or large machinery, excavation driven demands which include tunnel work or bracing, loud noises, dealing with dust, heavy power tools and other various types of equipment used in the industry. These factors require situational awareness, comprehensive understanding of safety codes, OSHA compliance and emergency response troubleshooting for the worst case scenario.

Climbing on top of a roof requires proper tie-offs. Wearing harnesses for work done up high means understanding how the harness fits and how it can choke circulation if dangerous falls occur on the job.

Non-construction workers can also be impacted if they wander onto a construction job site where overhead work occurs. Falling tools without lanyards accompanied by the call of “Headache!” might alert the ground crew to watch out. However, an untried person on a job site without proper safety equipment would be ignorant about the small tool about to exert a large amount of force on a concentrated impact site, potentially causing injuries to the head or body.

Construction Management with Murphy Construction

Factoring in the many facets of safety compliance at multiple regulatory levels can be overwhelming. Murphy Construction offers customers full OSHA compliance and manages safety on job sites with appropriate personal protective equipment, regular safety training, and CPR certification. Murphy Construction does this not just to be in compliance but also because the company cares about its workers and customers enough to make sure a job site is safe during both business hours and off times.

Don’t skimp on safety to save costs. Murphy Construction ensures on-site safety at an affordable price by implementing compliance in all its active work site policies. Let Murphy Construction’s best business practices work to provide safety and progress for you at your job site.