How to Plan for a Home Construction or Renovation Project | Murphy Contractors

Setting aside the initial excitement of pending new home construction or renovation is necessary to get the real work of planning underway. Careful planning will help avoid a few primary pitfalls that can throw a project into delays and turmoil from the start.

Separate Dreams and Realistic Budget

It can take looking at tons of home construction and renovation images to get a feel for the results you are looking to achieve. Once you find the right style, begin pricing the materials. Understanding what will work within your budget limits will eliminate tons of disappointment. Most home improvement centers can help you discover costs of materials and how much it adds to construction and renovation prices.

Consult With a Professional Planner

Consulting with a professional planner or project manager will be beneficial from the start. You need someone that is familiar with the local codes and regulations of the High Desert and Southern California area. It is critical to know what you can and cannot do in regards to building codes and permits. A project manager will help bring all the individual pieces of the building or renovation plan together in an easy-to-understand format.

Hire the Right Construction Company

You need to hire a duly licensed and insured construction company that has experience in projects such as yours. Choose one that is local and carries an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction. Murphy Construction has built a solid reputation for high-quality results for all types of new home construction and renovation projects throughout the area.

Cultivate Good Communication Throughout Project

The desire and ability to effectively communicate with everyone involved in your construction or renovation project will serve you well in getting everything completed timely. Murphy Construction will keep you informed during all phases of the project on possible delays and will do everything possible to meet realistic deadlines. You will know how things are progressing at any given time.

Take the time to plan an extensive home renovation or new construction, and there will be fewer unintended surprises. Call on our expertise at Murphy Construction today. We will help you through the entire process of planning to completion.