How to Choose Between New Commercial Construction and Renovation | Murphy Contractor

Complete new construction is not always necessary for you to end up with the extra space, added function, and improved looks desired for your business. Quality renovations can provide essential improvements, often at a smaller cost. Below are a few items to look at before deciding to renovate your existing commercial building, or start from scratch with new construction.

Relocation Possibilities

One factor that can make the decision to choose new construction over renovation unavoidable is moving to a new location. Moving your business to a different property might be the right decision to improve access and potential. The overall costs might be higher to undergo new construction, but you are guaranteed to end up with a property that perfectly suits the needs of your business.

Building Additions and Renovating Can Save Time

If you have adequate space to continue operations, building an addition to provide extra space or renovating your current building to meet your needs better can save time. Depending on the extent of needed renovations and expansion, it can also save money on entirely new construction.

Age and Condition of the Existing Building

Choosing to renovate your commercial building might not work if it will prove too costly to bring things up to code, or the building is in terrible condition. Get the trusted advice of experts like Murphy Construction in building technique, safety, and maximizing commercial business use. Have the property inspected to feel confident it is worth placing the money into renovations. You may find that new construction is the more cost-efficient route to take.

Staying Within Budget

Considering the cost of renovations and new construction can also help determine the best route to go in improving your business space. New construction is a great way to go if you are in need of a complete overhaul of your existing facility. You can have your new commercial building designed using greener materials that are energy-efficient. Construction professionals can also work with you to improve the energy-efficiency of your current structure and add needed space to your budget.

Consult with an experienced building expert to devise the perfect plan for your commercial business needs. Contact the experts at Murphy Construction today and get your project started right away. We are happy to serve the entire High Desert and Southern California region.