Why You Need Retrofitting to Protect Your Home In Earthquake Zones | Murphy Contractors

Newly constructed homes in California are all built with earthquake protection in mind. Older homes missed out on the benefits of this technology and structural design improvement. It is a good idea to explore the options of protecting your home and family from earthquake damage by retrofitting it to protect against this type of natural disaster.

Homes In Excess of 25 Years Old Need Retrofitted

Any home in an earthquake-prone area needs to be inspected and retrofitted to meet the safety needs for structural integrity before disaster strikes. Most houses made in the 1990’s and later are already earthquake resistant by design. It is the homes exceeding 25 years old that should be carefully looked over and improvements made.

Sudden Damage from Earthquakes

It is unusual to have any warning about earthquakes or pre-gauge the intensity when they do strike. A mild to moderate can still cause damages that often total $10,000 to 25,000 dollars and more. The modest investment you make in guarding against extensive damage is worth the money spent.

Wall Bracing or Reinforcement

The standard construction method of the walls of a home provides decent support between the foundation and roof. When the ground begins to shake dramatically, the unsupported wood can crack and give way, leading to incredible home damage, injuries, and even fatalities from falling debris. Bracing these walls is a critical part of limiting the damage from an unexpected earthquake.

Bolting the Home to the Foundation

A house typically rests on a concrete foundation without being attached. The weight of the structure allows for it to stay in place unless a tremendous force acts against the building. An earthquake can disturb the ground so much that the home slides off the foundation. This event can cost you the entire house. Holes are drilled into the foundation under your home and bolts added to fasten the home to the concrete.

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