5 Smart Uses for a New Storage Building | Murphy Construction Contractors

Adding space to your property using a solid storage building construction is cheaper and takes less time than a traditional home addition. Below are few ideas to get you started in thinking about the benefits of storage building space additions.

Seasonal Item Storage

If your garage is full of items stored during seasons of non-use, a new storage building is a great solution. Outdoor activity equipment like kayaks, canoes, life jackets, swimming pool gear, patio furniture, and grills can leave little to no room for your car. Reclaim this space and have a designated area for all of your seasonal items at the same time.

Hobby Center or Workshop

Hobbies that require spreading out materials, working on refinishing tables, restaining furniture or any number of projects can encroach on the valuable room in your house. Some activities create odors from chemicals that are unpleasant to the indoor home setting, yet you do not want to necessarily do the work outside. A storage building with added lighting, windows, AC, and heat can offer the perfect spot to create your masterpieces.

Family Room or Gaming Room

A larger storage shed can turn into a fantastic family entertainment room or a gaming center. Add a small refrigerator, microwave, stereo, flat screen television, couches, chairs, gaming consoles and the entire family will have a favorite activity and snack available. It is the perfect spot to gather and watch movies or entertain kids after school. The price of creating this space is a fraction of the cost of adding a family room to the house.

Extra Bedroom

It is another low-cost solution for space crunch. You can add finishing touches to a storage building that make it seem like a seamless addition to your home. Adding the right lighting, plumbing fixtures, finished walls, flooring, and furnishings will make it the perfect extra bedroom, or guest cottage.

Home Office

Finding an area to get peace while working in a home office is difficult in a busy home. An outside storage building can double as a comfortable home office with the right attention to detail. You can use a computer desk, lighting, electrical outlets, internet connections, printer tables, whiteboards, and whatever features your home business needs to thrive.

Here at Murphy Construction, we have years of experience throughout Southern California in turning smaller spaces into the desired environment you and your family need. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment for an estimate for your much needed extra space today!