5 Ultimate Covered or Uncovered Deck Ideas | Victorville Murphy Construction

Decks add property value because you are adding usable square footage of living space. At Murphy Construction, we go the extra mile to ensure the deck you want lasts many years without problems. Below are a few great ideas for the ultimate deck of your dreams.

Outdoor Grill Station

The popularity of grilling as a hobby has many wishing there was a designated area of the outside devoted to complete food preparation. The solution is an outdoor kitchen built on a sturdy deck with easy access in and out of the house. You can add cabinetry that is powder-coated for all-weather resistance, durable outdoor appliances, and the type of grill that will make professionals envious.

Hot Tub and Sauna

Many people find spending time outdoors relaxing, especially after a hectic day commuting and tackling the demands of work. Imagine slipping out onto your new deck and sliding into the warm jetted water of your hot tub. You can combine this with a built-in sauna to help keep your skin in optimal condition to protect from the heat and dryness of the air.

Above-Ground Pool Surround

If your home was not built with an in-ground pool, an above-ground model is a more cost-conservative option. Building a deck around the pool gives everyone easy access to come and go without climbing awkward ladders and getting feet dirty from walking on bare ground. You can add some deck furniture and lounge chairs for the perfect warm-weather activity area.

Fireplace or Firepit Entertainment Area

Evenings near the high desert area of California can get a little chilly at night. Build a deck that includes an endcap fireplace or a center firepit. Everyone will enjoy stopping by and socializing near a cozy fire. It extends the time you can comfortably use the outdoor living space.

Outdoor Breakfast Nook

Give your new deck a French outdoor cafe look and feel with wrought iron patio furniture. Add a few blossoming plants on the deck, and it is the perfect spot to take in a late breakfast or early lunch. It creates the ideal ambiance to read a good book or finish your work on the laptop while enjoying the fresh air.

Call us at Murphy Construction to discuss your plans for a new deck today! We build durable, quality decks throughout the High Desert region and all of Southern California.