5 Great Ideas for Creating Practical Multi-Use Space In Your Home

You may not have the budget or land to build an addition to your home, but there are ways to take your existing space and get twice the usage. Below are five ways to add multi-use capabilities to the rooms in your home.

Four Season and Living Room Combination

Traditional living room spaces are increasingly abandoned for more bright and airy spaces that provide more windows for accessing natural light. The less formal feel of the room allows for more creative ways to furnish and decorate to suit personal style. Frequently clear California skies provide a great opportunity to bring in the natural sun to provide lighting that reduces your overall energy use.

Tuckaway Home Office

Creating your own space to do homework, cruise the internet, figure out the monthly budget, or run a business from home is as easy as remodeling a large closet area, or constructing a separate space within a larger room. A tuckaway home office can be added to a living room, den, kitchen, or dining room. You can add lighting, built-in desk, and storage for a versatile office space. Add doors to make the office disappear when not in use.

Mudroom and Pet Space

Mudrooms are placed directly inside the back door and are designed to limit tracking in dirt, grass, and water from rain on shoes. The floors are typically made of materials that are capable of handling moisture. It is a great space to incorporate a specialized spot for pet entertainment and care. You can remodel the area to provide the right space for nighttime kenneling, cat trees, and more.

Laundry Room and Lounging Area

If you have an extra large area in your home that houses your washer and dryer, try adding a few extras to make it a space that offers comfort and relaxation. Use built-in bookshelves or an entertainment center couple with a small couch. It can be a great place to escape from the world whether you are doing laundry, or simply relaxing after a hard day.

Garage and Home Project or Craft Area

Although it might seem a bit out of the norm, many people are beginning to utilize the extra space in the garage for all types of activities. You can keep one side for the car and remodel the other to fit work tables, couches, or storage bins and shelves for craft items and supplies.

Contact home construction experts at Murphy Construction and find out more about creating multi-use areas in your home. We will work with you to incorporate this type of design into your new home plans or remodel your existing rooms anywhere in the High Desert Area.