5 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal to Your Commercial Building Design

Curb appeal is not a beneficial feature that is reserved for residential building. Improved looks add real value to your property. At Murphy Construction, we work hard to create designs that provide you with pleasing results.

Design Using Easy to Clean Materials

Many commercial builds are switching to steel due to the ability to easily powerwash the surface clean. Vinyl is another popular siding material businesses use to provide a clean look and enjoy easy maintenance benefits. You should discuss long-term maintenance and cleaning of chosen materials with our design expertise.

Incorporate Attractive Landscaping

The lawns and properties of many commercial enterprises are large and can accommodate a variety of trees, plants, and other landscaping features. Skillful landscaping does not have to cost a fortune, nor require a ton of upkeep. Incorporating attractive design into your landscaping will help your business stand out from the rest.

Give Extra Attention to Walkways, Entryways, and Parking

Most commercial sidewalks and walkways are created using concrete. Parking areas are typically concrete or asphalt. You should minimize the size to what is needed so as not to detract from the landscaping. The features of your entryways should compliment the surrounding natural features. The more you can soften the look, the more attractive the results.

Add Contemporary, Useful Lighting

Lighting is more important than you might think. You need an adequate amount to offer safety in parking areas, security for the building, but not so bright that it becomes a neighborhood annoyance. Make sure that the lighting is needed and does not point in a direction that blinds traffic.

Invest In a Quality, Long-Lasting Roof

The roof of your commercial building is the capstone of the design. You want to make sure the materials you choose will last a long time, but take the time to find materials that compliment your building and the available landscape.

Call us at Murphy Construction for any and all of your commercial building design needs. We handle the design and construction of commercial building throughout the High Desert area of Southern California.