5 Ideas for Light Commercial Renovation | Victorville Murphy Construction

A light renovation project can do much to improve and update the look of any business. It can be an affordable way to bring a whole new look to your commercial building. At Murphy Construction, we offer the expert commercial planning and building services you need at an affordable price.

Update Entryways, Waiting Areas, and Offices

The first impression of a potential client can happen as quickly as their first visit through your doors. A stylish entryway, comfortable waiting areas, and contemporary looking offices will win many to becoming loyal customers. If you provide an environment that looks like you care about gaining their business, it gives you an opportunity to provide your products and services. A shabby, dated environment can often turn potential business away.

Expand and Upgrade Employee Break Areas

Happy employees will help keep your business running smooth. Break areas that are cramped and sparse in seating can be a source of frustration, especially if employees spend a great deal of time at work. Install comfortable break areas that offer plenty of seating, tables, food storage, sinks, and more to allow your employees to keep and heat foods brought from home. Plan and construct a nice break area outdoors for days that are perfect for enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

Resurface Parking Areas and Driveways

Parking areas that are riddled with cracks and potholes are not inviting for people to bring their vehicle through. Driveways that are in poor condition and too narrow can lead to accidents. Resurfacing asphalt or adding fresh gravel will transform the looks and performance of the access points of your business.

Add Expert Landscaping

Professional landscaping is a way to completely change the looks of your business without spending a fortune. You can add greenery that requires little in the way of watering.

New Roofing and Siding

The roofing and siding are major exterior features of your business that are some of the first noticed by incoming potential customers. Keeping these well-maintained and upgrading as it ages will keep your business looking fresh and contemporary.

Contact us at Murphy Construction if you are considering a light renovation project for your business. We handle all interior and exterior renovations for businesses in the High Desert area of Southern California.