Why You Need to Plan Ahead for New Home Insulation | Murphy Construction

One great benefit of new home construction is the ability to add features that will save you money. Insulation is an important part of creating a more comfortable, energy-saving environment. At Murphy Construction, we are careful to give this part of your home build consideration beginning at the planning stages.

You Could End Up Lacking Essential Thermal Protection

Hot temperatures are the biggest concern throughout California, although there are nights that can dip below comfortable levels during the winter months. Any lack of quality insulation materials can leave gaps in your protection from the elements. It will become apparent in higher than average energy use and bills.

Adding More Insulation Towards the End of a Build Cost More Money

Murphy Construction understands the importance of insulation and planning for the right materials to be added at the right time. If you choose a builder that puts this step off until the construction is nearing completion, any necessary adjustments and changes will cost you more money. It could mean having to pick and choose on leaving other desired parts out of the project due to budget constraints.

Specialized Insulation Materials Can Be Added As the Project Moves Forward

Using specialized products to insulate areas, such as doorways and window frames, are easier to add before the installation of the doors and windows. It will help offer additional thermal insulation that would otherwise not be included.

After-Thought Insulation Steps Are Often Less-Effective

Changing plans at the last minute to try and include added insulation can result in less-effective methods that cost more and provide less thermal protection. It is often not worth having ducts rerouted or vents placed in areas that were not planned t save money and make room for insulation materials. It can also lead to problems with code violations.

Call us at Murphy Construction for your home building needs, and we will make sure that you end up with a well-insulated home that is energy-efficient and comfortable. We provide home design and construction throughout the High Desert area of Southern California.