4 Critical Questions to Ask a Contractor Before a Business Renovation

Gearing up for a renovation of your commercial property is exciting, but can also seem a little stressful without proper planning and knowing what to expect. Below are four questions you should always ask your chosen contractor before a renovation of your business begins.

How much will the renovation cost?

No matter how slight or major the renovation plans are, take the time to discuss price with the contractor. It’s important to be upfront with the builder as to what the available budget looks like. Contractor specialists like Murphy Construction can help work out the details to get the changes you need within your budget.

Is it better to build new?

The need for a mild facelift or slight internal changes are one thing, but if you’re mulling over the idea of major renovations, you’ll end up being faced with two choices. One is to incur the costs of a complete renovation of your existing property or making plans to totally start from scratch and build new. It’s essential to have all of the information you need to make a wise choice. If the costs of renovating the business are as much, or more than building from scratch, you might want to weigh this out carefully.

Will I be able to stay open?

Will all or part of your business operations have to close or relocate during the renovation? You might be forced to move part or all of your operations during the time it takes to make the improvements. The earlier you know, the sooner you can begin a search for an affordable secondary location to use on a temporary basis. You might be able to have the renovation done in portions to allow you access to a portion of your property as the work progresses.

How long will a renovation take?

It’s impossible to predict problems and be 100 percent confident of the exact time frame, but an experienced contractor can give you a fairly accurate timeline for the expected start and finish date. You can better schedule around the renovation.

Contact us at Murphy Construction if you’re considering any level of renovation for your commercial property. We can give you a quick estimate and help you make the best decisions to improve your business in the High Desert area.