How to Determine the Right Floor Space for Your New Home | Murphy Construction

Whether you plan to build a small cottage style home or a mansion, the amount of floor space to use is a critical piece of the design process. All other parts of the planning and build will revolve around this decision. At Murphy Construction, we take a look at many factors before making any professional recommendations.

The Property Size Available for the Build

The actual property dimensions for your new home build should have everything to do with your final construction plans. You have more flexibility in layout and size when the property is roomy. Smaller lots will take careful planning and may require building up, rather than out for larger homes.

Lawn and Outdoor Living Space Plans

The desire to have items like decks, pools, or patios will require enough lawn available that reaches beyond the house you build. You want to ensure there is enough room for this without feeling cramped or lacking in privacy. Space for driveways and storage buildings should also be taken into consideration.

Long-Term Space Commitment

You have to find a good balance between getting all of the space you need right now versus the space you’ll need in the future. It can be a struggle for growing families. Building a large home now might make sense, but you will end up with way too much space later. Creating bedrooms that can later be added to common space or changed to a multi-use area is one way to plan ahead.

General Costs of Maintenance and Upkeep

The larger the home is that you build, the larger the budget will need to be for ongoing maintenance. Routine cleaning and the time associated with daily care can also take a huge chunk out of your schedule. Plan for floor space you can easily manage.

Heating and Cooling Costs

The bigger the floor space plans are, the larger your HVAC system will have to be to accommodate heating and cooling needs. Keeping these costs affordable is important.

Call our planning experts at Murphy Construction to help determine the best floor space size you need for the new home you’ve always wanted, without spending more than necessary. We offer all home construction services throughout the High Desert area of Southern California.