What Determines the Foundation for Your Commercial Building

Every business owner or investor wants to know that their newly built structure is set on a solid, dependable foundation. Have you ever wondered what goes into the planning of the right foundation? Commercial building specialists at Murphy Construction use several methods to determine that the foundation planned is the exact one you need.

Testing the Soil Composition

The planning stage for commercial building requires adequate testing of the soil to determine the best type of foundation to use that will have the ability to hold the structure in place. Blindly building without any discernment of the soil composition can lead to structural failure or foundational sinking. Both can be financially devastating.

Can You Build on Level Ground?

Not being able to build on a level piece of property will also play a key role in determining the type and depth of foundational support necessary. It’s most likely going to require a deeper foundation support in numerous areas beneath the spots that are separated from ground level.

Locating Solid Strata

Loose soil that will not hold the foundation of a structure requires a little extra work in locating a level of tough strata beneath the surface. The foundation supports can then be dug deep enough to rest on this tougher area of earth composition, ensuring a sturdy build.

Type of Building Materials to Be Used

Concrete and steel structures will weigh much more than aluminum or wood. It will also require a strong support for heavier materials. Every detail is looked at to determine the best approach to the foundation for complete, lasting support.

Size of the Planned Structure

Single level commercial buildings are usually easier to plan and create foundations for unless the ground is uneven. Multi-level structures like parking garages or high-rise buildings will require deeper foundational supports, no matter what the soil composition looks like. It is critical to place these types of structures on solid footing.

Contact us at Murphy Construction if you are planning on a commercial build in the High Desert area of Southern California. We’ll make sure your foundation is the right one to offer durable support for your business.