How to Choose the Best Flooring Material for Your New Home | Renovation

The flooring materials used in your new home build should last you and your family for many years. Making the right choice in the material should take your lifestyle and preferences into account equally. Below are a few things to consider about flooring.

Will you have pets?

Pets add positively to the daily lives of families, but the type of flooring you choose can take a real beating from the occasional accident and nails constantly crossing the floors. You might want to consider products like ceramic tile and vinyl rather than woods and carpeting. The wood is easy to scratch and sensitive to moisture. Carpeting is easily stained and can absorb odors.

Do you have allergies?

Allergies to things like dust, mold, and pollen mean that adding carpeting could lead to miserable experiences, especially when the weather keeps you indoors. You might want to limit the amount of carpeted areas you add to your new home.

Do you want and need low-maintenance?

Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, linoleum, and vinyl are all about the easiest to maintain and keep clean. Wood floors are also easy to clean, but the humidity levels can affect the longevity, and they will need to be refinished at some point.

Are you partial to wood?

Some homeowners cannot imagine their home having anything other than natural wood floors. The beauty is nearly unmatched, but the hardness of the wood can determine the time you have before the eventual need for refinishing. Oak is considered one of the hardest woods to use for flooring. Maple tends to be softer and can become damaged easier. Keep hardness in mind along with the wood grain.

Natural or Engineered Stone?

The major difference between natural stone and engineered stone for flooring is the ability to repel stains. Engineered stone is put together using a strong, moisture repelling resin. Natural stone can allow water and other liquids through, leaving stains that are difficult or impossible to remove.

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