Does Your Building Design Conform to the Sustainable Construction Push?

California has always been at the forefront of change and innovation, which includes commercial building design. The push is on for new building to try and include as much sustainable construction planning as possible. At Murphy Construction, we can help develop a more progressive and sustainable plan for your new commercial build.

Extreme Temperature Resilience and Material Wear

No matter what climate is like where you decide to place your commercial building, temperature extremes are bound to happen, at least seasonally. The high desert area can see large fluctuations in temperatures from day to night. Do your design plans take the extra demands on your building materials that the temperature extremes can cause? Longevity in your building is a critical design aspect.

Lighter Energy Demands

Most communities are increasingly pushing for a lighter carbon footprint with energy use. Have you considered all ways possible to conserve on energy for lighting, heating, cooling, and equipment operation? You will also see immediate benefits in reduced energy bills each month. It’s possible to garner rebates and discounts for adding certain features and renewable energy technologies.

Natural Panoramics for Decreased Demand in Lighting and Increased Enjoyment of Nature

Offering your clients and employees a beautiful panoramic view out expansive windows is one way to bring them closer to nature and save huge on your light bill. The use of natural lighting is one way to curb electric usage without making greener and sustainable changes obvious. Specialized tints and glass coatings can help minimize your cooling costs in the heat of summer by helping reflect light.

Natural Hazard Protections

Another sustainable building consideration is having natural disaster protection built into the commercial building design. Your building should be well-protected from heavy winds, torrential rains, and naturally occurring earthquakes. You can never predict when natural disasters will happen, but you can plan ahead to ensure your building has a good chance of coming through with little or no damage.

Contact the building experts at Murphy Construction to find out more about sustainable building planning and design. We offer high-quality commercial building services for the entire High Desert area of Southern California.