How Builders Can Help Break Through the Anxiety of Millennial Home Buyers

The favorable view enjoyed by millennials in regards to the purchase of a new home has dropped from 77 percent to a mere 48 percent in the past two years. High levels of anxiety are reported with couples as they struggle in making the decision to buy or rent. Below are a few ways that builders and home designers can help ease this anxiety for the millennial generation.

Listen to the Concerns of the Millennial Home Buyer

Millennial home buyers report feeling a great deal of anxiety when investing in a new home purchase. Quality of life is of more importance with this generation than the idea of owning a home. Many millennial couples feel they will be trading some of their enjoyment and activities to pay for the big ticket items like housing. It’s important to listen fully to their concerns and answer each question to put their minds at ease.

Assure the Buyer of the Quality Materials to Be Used

The millennial generation wants to feel they are getting the best deal possible in every situation. Offer them the best material choices you can when it comes to flooring, countertops, roofing, siding, lighting fixtures, and more. You can easily tip the scales in favor of the sale if the truly feel you are looking out to give them the best for less.

Design Using Enough Multi-Use Space to Expand When Starting a Family

Another reason millennials are putting off home ownership is the thought it will delay starting a family. The thought of buyers regret is firm in the mind and constant worry. What if the new home won’t accommodate a growing family? Designing living space that can be quickly and affordably changed to use as extra bedrooms is an essential feature that can make the deal happen. It eases the minds of those that are worried they will have to sell the new home and find something bigger when it’s time to start a family.

Make the Price Seem More Like an Investment Rather than a Sacrifice

The housing crisis of 2008 left a scar on the minds of millennials, and they seem to keep this at the back of their mind whenever considering the purchase of a new home. Demonstrating the design plans and putting quality materials into the project ensures the new home is a good investment. Quality homes will always retain more value, especially in the Southern Calfornia area.

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